The artificial mini reef filters on average 30,000 gallons a day and houses an average of 300 fish and 200 crab per year. Biological inhabitants will occupy your reef and aid in water filtering. The bait fish are attracted to the mini reef immediately as a structure to hide in...the snapper, tarpon, and snook are likely to find this an excellent hang out. I have personally watched with pride as our Florida birds perch on these reefs and hunt off of you have literally created an ecosystem by mimicking the prop roots of a mangrove system with your new mini reef. The average dock can house about 5 mini reefs.  All proceeds go to EPP and providing free education to children.

Artificial Mini Reef

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  • Select install during check out for shipping option. $125 Covers 1-3 reefs, for installation of more than 3 contact for pricing!


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