I know keychains are super cheap homies, but mine sure ain’t! You always have your keys...so with my EPP Survival Keychain, you will also always be prepared to survive! 

You can start fire...find your way...or utilize the 3.5 feet of paracord that makes up the necklace. 

The paracord features a red waxed flax line for water resistant fire starter, the yellow for fishing line, one cotton line, and 7 triple braided polyester lines to build yourself an overnight shelter when ya tie them branches together 😉

The striker features a serrated knife edge that you strike against the rod for an ignition source. The deer horn adds an awesome haggard effect and folks will wonder where the heck ya got something like at!

EPP Survival Keychain (FREE SHIPPING)

$65.00 Regular Price
$52.00Sale Price


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