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Lot of story in this bag. Lot of pain too. 

I used to trap animals and trade their fur for money to trade for other things...i was living in a wrong way, against Nature. 

One day while running my trap line...I heard a tiny whimper, only to find a baby coyote that had been caught in one of my traps. There was nothing I could do, as the leg hold trap had crushed his body in half. 

I raised that damn bloody club that I used to hit animals in the head when I’d trap them...I lifted it high over the lil homie, and swung it down like a thunder bolt to strike him down. I never lifted that damn club ever again...and I’ve been trying to apologize ever since. 

The hide this medicine bag is made from is back from when I was a bad man, doing bad I decided to take something bad and make it sacred again, to honor the homie that used to wear this skin. I took that deer in a single shot of my arrow, and I did it in a good way...but my mind was in a bad place. 

I know that’s a crazy price...but there is crazy medicine in this bag, and I ain’t parting with it for less than a crazy price. 

I’d tell ya a story about what everything means but we’d be here all day 😂

Medicine Bag

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