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As an environmental consultant, biologist, and marine scientist, Garrett Stuart uses his diverse background and love of story-telling to drive a change in our future generations.  His passions lie in bridging the gap between Nature and our youth to teach families sustainability and safe farming and gardening techniques.

Garrett has strategically partnered with companies that support our vision for a better tomorrow that coincides with a greener planet.  All proceeds from partners go directly toward providing education to schools and state parks throughout Florida.

He also specializes in building custom eco tours throughout Florida and calls upon his Native American background to further connect groups and families to Mother Nature from both spiritual and intellectual aspects.  As a constant explorer, his knowledge in survival skills and hiking expertise is unrivaled.  

Giving Back
Our motto:  Give as much as you can.

We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. Let’s inspire and educate for a sustainable planet for future generations to come!

Visit our Donate and Shop pages (coming soon) to learn more about how you can contribute to EPP.  During development, product info can be accessed through EPP's Facebook.  If you are interested in scheduling an eco tour in Florida, contact us, and we will respond shortly with details.

Thank you for checking out EPP and supporting our planet's future!

-Captain Planet (aka Garrett Stuart)

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