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Microfibers in Laundry

How to help reduce microfiber pollution from home! You'll find two options below, will also update if more are offered and tested!

The Cora Ball-

Captain talks microfiber pollution

Seemed to be the most efficient micro fiber ball compared to other reviews that I looked into...and have since found out it only catches 26% of the microfibers that come off in our laundry...however last night (9/24/19)when I used it, I honestly didn’t see anything but two hairs after two loads...but I also don’t know what to expect.

Eco Laundry Tips

I won’t completely disregard the Cora Ball until I do a few more loads and see what happens. But I do stand by even the cheapest of these laundry balls that replace detergent for around 10$.

Cleaning Cora ball

FILTROL- Captain Planet review

This is simply advice, because I'm on the go I haven't got to test it long term. For those of you who would like to address microfibers coming from your laundry...this is something I recommend by Filtrol

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