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The Fakahatchee Strand

I love Nature...and I love the Fakahatchee.

To me...this is one of the most exciting places to explore in all of Florida. For some reason, the most dangerous places are the dearest to my heart.

I remember when I was younger, I would read about men who had survived dysentery, snake bites, alligators, bears...attacks from the natives in swamps like this one, only to be killed by other orchid hunters long long ago. The ghost orchid is the most notorious orchid in these swamps.

They say if you are lucky enough to see a ghost orchid, all else becomes eclipsed...almost as if it’s hypnotizing you. I’ve not seen one...but I think I’m ready now. I did get to see a panther today, and that was quite special. That was my first encounter with one in the Fakahatchee. I offered her some tobacco and a prayer.

Thank you so much for the experience Mother.

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